I've already ranted to my CDW rep who suckered me into buy HP branded
Windows so you won't get that here. I knew better than to buy OEM
software. I KNEW BETTER, but I did it anyway under the assurance that
it would work just fine and save me a few hundred dollars on the order.

The problem I'm having is that the OEM software won't install under ESX.
"This system is not supported platform." is the message I get. I've
tried the tricks that I found on google, but none worked. What should
have been done two weekends ago is now heading toward it's third weekend
being unresolved. I really really want to smack somebody.

And I still have no product keys to install SQL Server. I haven't tried
installing the software that I downloaded from Microsoft yet, but I
can't imagine that SQL Server just installs with out product keys or
some form of licensing. Somebody told me that they mailed them to you.
How stupid is that if it's true. Why not make them available on the

I'm done.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant