I have been reading DSfW and am interested in using it, but am curious if it will work for what I want it to do.

We are a pure eDir shop that has stand alone MS servers that house SQL databases or other applications. I am looking to automatically sync passwords between all of the services by updating just the eDir password and not having to manually update each system as I do now.

I have several systems, HelpStar help solution happens to be one, that say that they can sync with an AD domain. Would(or should) I be able to set up DSfW and point these programs to that server and get the users and passwords to sync? I've been trying to switch to an eDir friendly help desk program but the current one is too tied in here at this time.

I'm just starting to plan a master password plan for my site and want to first come up with a password sync framework to make life easier for everyone. Would DSfW work for syncing eDir authentication with authentication stored in SQL databases? What about systems that require a local server login (prompt after \\servername)?

If DSfW would be a partial solution that would be great if I even had to pair it up with universal password or IDM. I'm just looking for a place to start this project and devote my time. I'd hate to be looking at a solution for several weeks or months only to find out it won't work. Thanks for any advise!