I have a user that moves messages into folders, then at some time during the day the mail moves to the Trash. Existing messages in folders do not move to trash. I have looked at everything in his account. No rules, no junk handling problems. I can NOT find anything. I reset his client options, ran every GWcheck I can think of with no errors. As far as I know, this is the only user it is happening to for sure. However, my boss said he "Thinks" it happened to him Tuesday, but not sure that he did not drop them into the wrong folder. It is something a lot of people would not notice.

My 2 options as I see them, it delete his acct, recreate. That would mean his mail would have to be put on a CD or something, or the process of FID edting.

Or open a SR and see what they say.

Anyone have any ideas that may help..