Judging by this group, that only leaves me ---and the ladies. Snap!

Okay...I have 2 intact pugs. The older boy I did not fix partly because he
could breed well, but also because the arguments for neutering seemed weak
(like, "it reduces the risk of testicular cancer!"....duh?)

Now, when I got the girl..who's turning 6 months soon, I had to sign an
agreement that we would allow her to be shown....if she is not purty enough
we can have her spayed.


1) I hope my boy doesn't mate w/my girl. They're biological cousins. (I
would fix him but he's had seizures before so I am concerned about knocking
him out)
2) She is probably going to go into heat soon. Neither of us have had a
female animal before. Is the menstrual cycle and the heat/spraying cycle
during the same month?

If you believe people like these: (don't read unless you're bored)


"Yes, letting your dog go through even just one cycle greatly increases the
chances of certain types of cancer. "

WTF? I suppose we know that estrogen/premarin increases the odds of breast
cancer, but natural-hormonal-reproductive cycles? Please tell me that's
along the lines of the neutering canard.

My theory is that their goal is to reduce unwanted pregnancies so the best
way to get compliance is through concern for the pet's well-being. "You
don't want to give your pet cancer, do you?"

(kinda like when my mom and all of her friends were told they had to get
hysterectomies. I still suspect it was mostly because they turned 40 and
the medical community decided they shouldn't have babies)