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BrainBashers Common Answers
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Hi Marcel Cox,

You came 1,286th (out of 2,779) in January's contest.

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Q1 Name something that lives underwater [excluding fish].
CORAL [3rd with a score of 13.2%, 'SHARK' was top]

Q2 Name which came first: Chicken or Egg?
EGG [2nd with a score of 41.8%, 'CHICKEN' was top]

Q3 Name the number of times a year the average person clips their toe nails.
12 [1st with a score of 30.5%]

Q4 Name a month in which snow might fall.
DECEMBER [1st with a score of 54.3%]

Q5 Name something you can write with.
PEN [1st with a score of 68.8%]

Q6 Name the age at which you become middle aged.
50 [2nd with a score of 18.5%, '40' was top]

Q7 Name the age at which you become old aged.
70 [1st with a score of 26.7%]

Q8 Name an animal that might swing from a tree.
APE [3rd with a score of 1.3%, 'MONKEY' was top]

Q9 Name a 5-letter word that begins with BLE.
BLEED [1st with a score of 36.8%]

Q10 Name a 5-letter word that ends in BLE.
TABLE [1st with a score of 41.9%]

The number in brackets shows the position of your answer,
e.g. 2nd means your answer was the second most popular.

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