Shortly after SBE 2 was released, Novell published a TID stating that it would ONLY be supported under Xen in a Fully-virtual machine and NOT in a Para-virtual machine. Many of us took this document at face value and deployed SBE 2 in a Fully-virtual Xen VM.

Sometime in late December, Novell quietly withdrew support for NOWS SBE 2 running under XEN - and pulled the TID. Anyone running in SBE 2 under XEN is now left with an unsupported configuration.

I know Novell wouldn't have done this if they didn't have a good reason and that's what concerns me the most. Does anyone know what the issues are? If there are specific configurations that are problematic those are the ones we need to avoid like the plague. The last thing I want to face is a server down situation and be told I have no support!