I've reproduced these on a few clean WinXP and Windows 2003 systems in both a GW 7.0.3 upgrade scenario and fresh install of GW 8 HP1 scenario. I am curious if anyone else has been able to reproduce these:

- Client ignores DefaultIPAddress and DefaultIPPort values for non-administrative users. If these are defined under HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\Software\Novell\GroupWise by the installer's setup.cfg, they are ignored when the user who is logged in is a non-administrative user. Administrative user profiles correctly pull these values but non-administrative users always try ngwnameserver. If the user profile is upgraded to an admin profile, then they start reading DefaultIPAddress and DefaultIPPort. This does not seem to be a permissions problem on the reg. keys themselves, as the values can be read by regedit when logged in as the user.

- Client does not setup MAPI profiles for the Address Book for a non-administrative user. Windows Messaging configuration dialog opens if you try to use the Address Book. If the user account is upgraded to an admin, then the next GW startup will configure the profile correctly. Downgrading the user to a non-admin at that point allows the Address Book to continue to function.

This also does not seem to be a permission problem writing to the MAPI profiles registry keys under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem. I can manually import the correct keys when logged in as the restricted user and then the Address Book works without issue.

It does not look like in both cases the GW client even attempts to access the registry keys in question as per RegMon.

GW 7.0.3 client on the same equipment does not have a problem.

Any thoughts? Any other issues people have seen running GW 8 as a non-administrative user?