Hello, currently running GW800 on NW65SP8. Will be running the GW8HP1
Friday night.

When I upgraded from GW703HP1 to GW800, I selected in the GWIA install to
install the software files but do not configure the GWIA (so checked the
box), should I continue to do this when I upgrade from GW800 to GW8HP1? I
know in previous GW7 SP's that it was the general recommendation to NOT use
the /COPYONLY switch when running the upgrade, as it prevented newer or
changed entries from making it into your GWIA.CFG file. Should I be leaving
this box unchecked and let it configure the agent?

I notice my GWIA object shows DATABASE VERSION as 7.0.1 instead of 8.0, is
this of concern?

Finally, when I do this update, I don't actually want to completely redo my
GWIA configuration (access control lists and so on), this would take
forever! I want it to leave all that alone, but to work in any updates that
I need. I can do a file compare on the GWIA.CFG file as I back it up first,
this is the least of my worries, it's just the GWIA eDir object that I don't
want messed up.

Any recommendations appreciated, thanks