It's me again, trying to create a single-server DSfW environment with a new
tree and having just failed my 5th install :)

Thanks to rtburker for pointing out Samba. I wiped the test box and did a
new install, this time including Samba. However, when OES install reaches
the "Configuring Domain Services for Windows" stage, it still fails.
Actually it fails even earlier in the process with this error:

>>> Importing Domain Naming Context into LDAP Server

ldap_add: Already exists (68)
additional info: NDS error: entry already exists (-606)
adding new entry "CN=Builtin,DC=test,DC=internal"

.... then it adds a few more entries and then ends with:

make: *** [import_domain_online] Error 68

I couldn't find anything relevant in the knowledgebase, so any further
ideas are appreciated.