We have upgraded to GW8 on the backend, but are only running 5 GW8
clients. Some in caching, some online as out own test.

I had GW8 on XP SP2 open and running and was replying and reading about
40-50 e-mails. I noticed that GW8 client (8.0.0) was continueing to
try and connect and send a message. I chose to manually go and select
Accounts / send receive manually. It then crashed and when I started
up all the emails I had previously read were now marked unread, and all
the e-mails I had sent were gone. They were not in the sent folder nor
in the work in progress. This was at least 2-3 hours wasted.

This is the reason we are testing out the GW8 clients first

Has anyone seen a similar problem

thanks, joe