Hello, I installed GWIA GW8HP1 on a NW65SP8 box tonight (it was running
GW800 before). This time I had the installer config the agent, as I wanted
the up to date GWIA.CFG file, and for the database version in C1 to show as
8 and not 7.

All is OK AFAICT, except I was thrown off for a sec as my max SMTP threads
did not match my C1 settings, then I saw that there was an override enabled
by default in the new GWIA.CFG file. Specifically the following switches
are all added at the end of the new GWIA.CFG file:

/DHome- ... followed by path to GWIA subdir

Why would they by default hard code this in GWIA.CFG, aren't we supposed to
be using C1 to manage the system?

Comments appreciated.