We run 4000 mailboxes on IBM Domino8(Runs on SLES10).
Domino is a very stable system and very high performance and security.

Microsoft Exchange has taken allot of the marked. Microsoft winns the strategy to integrate server-OS, Client-OS, Mail and SharePoint in one contract. For companys its easy to deal with only one company, but it doenst meen its the best sollution.
Earlier there was some test between GroupWise and Exchange, but now since GW8 is released i cant find any comparesation between the different systems.

Does this exist? I thing GW is one of the most respectet produkt from Novell, but it is so little spread in the media. I only read about Exchange and Lotus.

But please Novell: Dont make different between OS with the new GW-clients. I read about clients for Linux and MacOS is limited compared to the Windows version. This is not good strategy!
Will GW comes with 64-bits version?

And why does no companies evaluate GW when they want to invest i new collaboration systems? Its only Microsoft and IBM that is in the discussion, or am i wrong?