There will be a few in NTS that will be surprised if they learn of this post.

Congratulations on the establishment of this forum. I hope other areas of the organization follow suit.

We are having serious issues with eDirectory and IDM. They have been long standing, painful, and difficult to nail down. We have beaten our PSE up over these issues. We realize that the problems are not those that can be solved by our PSE, or even NTS for that matter, but by development, engineering, and QA. However, our PSE, and NTS, is our front door for these purposes.

Our PSE has been outstanding at taking the punishment, passing it along to those that need to know, and helping us establish contact with those that can make a difference.

Our SAM was recently laid off and our account passed onto a SAM with an already full workload. The added burden of our account would likely send most over the edge. Our new SAM has taken us in stride and devoted countless hours, in the short time she has had our account, to raising the awareness of our issues/incidents. We've already seen an impact of her efforts, although our problems are still unresolved.

I do think that improvements can be made, but I'll just start with the positives and hold the critisisms for later.

Thank you for this forum.

Luke Tracy