I've a strange problem with one of our NetWare 6.5/Sp5 Server.
Since yesterday I absolutely don't know why, users reported to me that
the windows shutdown nearly freezes and take up to 5-10Min.
The same situation if using the "logout.exe" I never had or seen this issue before? This happens if only one specific Server is "UP"

No delays happens if this server is "down"
No delays happens if the user hasn't a connection to this server

I checked the network connection, changed the NIC, reset the switches,
checked eDir with dsrepair, checked SLP - everything seems healthy

Has everyone seen this issue before or any ideas what else I could check?

Here some more information about the server:
-HP Proliant ML370, 3GB Ram
-NetWare 6.5/Sp5
-SLP DA is running (one of two DA's) in the network