Shortly after NOWS SBE 2 was released, Novell published a TID stating that it would ONLY be supported under Xen in a Fully-virtual machine and NOT in a Para-virtual machine. Many of us took this document at face value and deployed SBE 2 in a Fully-virtual Xen VM.

Sometime in late December, Novell quietly withdrew support for NOWS SBE 2 running under XEN - and pulled the TID - leaving many of us with an unsupported configuration.

Why was support withdrawn after public documents stated that support would be provided?

What are the issues that make this configuration unsupportable?

Do you not think customers should be given a heads-up about these issues so they can avoid a potentially disastrous situation?

I only found out that support had been pulled when I opened an SR. Do you not think customers should be told that support has been withdrawn?

Sorry for the tough questions but this is NOT the way I expect Novell to behave. By drawing attention to these issues not only do I want to make Novell accountable for their actions but I hope that discussion will prevent a similar situation in the future.