That is a seriouse mistake I made with Novell DNS for DSfW. I deleted the primary (default) DNS zone ( Then I created it back with the same name (

Since then my DSfW is not working properly sometime I can join workstation and login to the domain and sometime cannot.

I have noticed that it only working fine once I restart the services dcmake nds_restart_services but it is fine only sort time.

When I tried the provisioning I saw the following error:

Failed to get domain controller info for '': No Such Domain

More, I use command xadcntrl status then every serives is working and running.

In Addition, I have two more additional DSfW both also have a problem when I tried command kinit I saw the following error:

kinit (v5): Cannot resolve network address for KDC in realm TMIC.COM.KH while getting initial credentials.

But when I tried xadcntrl status every service is running and working fine.

How can I fix the problem? Please kindly advice me