I have been trying to add in a new external certificate
for the one Netware 6.5 SP7 server we have exposed
to the outside world for personal web page and Netstorage/
Netdrive access.

To date, we have been using one vendor (Thawte) for these
certificates. We are now changing all our servers to a
different vendor (ipsca).

I generated the CSR file using iManager 2.7 using what appears
to be the latest Novell Certificate Server plugin (3.320.20081118)
and having the SP2 iManager framework installed.

Certificates are ordered by a coworker & forwarded to me when
they come available. He also forwarded a CA bundle .CRT file that
would be needed.

When I attempted to import the signed certificate for the NW server
via iManager as per description in TID3033173, I received the error:
"PKI Error -1226 A certificate was not found in the NDS tree certificate
authority (CA) object or Server Certificate Object (also known as the
Key Material Object)."

The link provided gave 4 steps. I'm assuming the CA bundle .CRT file
was the CA's certificate. I went to consoleone as described, selected
the new KMO (I'm assuming this is what is meant by "Server Certificate
object", selected the CRT, then the DER file and now get a Returned
error code is 1,238. If I attempt to just import the DER file checking
no trusted root cert available, I get an error code 1,227.

I had an "extra" - <servername> in the KMO name; from a TID that
noted this as a problem, I renamed the KMO to only have the server
name one time. This now yields the errors I note above.

I've looked at the .CRT file, and there are 2 distinct sections.

The TIDs I've found on this refer to verisign, which has worked OK
with the Thawte certs OK.

Any thoughts/suggestions?