Brief summary:

Updating GW clients to 8.0.0 or even 8.0.0 HP 1 stops our ERP system from
sending e-mails.

Long version:

We used to use GW client 7.0.3 (of course) with our ERP client. My users
were able to go into the ERP client and print to email (as they call it)
and have GW send a PDF version of their printout to whomever they want.
Worked great.

Then, we updated their client to GW client 8.0.0. Now, when they try to
print to email, it just crashes the ERP client. Tried upgrading to HP 1.
Still crashes the client. Tried removing the client (and the Windows NT
Messaging) and then re-install the old 7.0.3 client and our ERP client
still crashes.

This has happened to every one of our users. It's consistent. The only
real fix for to rebuild the system and install the 7.0.3 client
fresh. :/

I do have one system I didn't update to the newest client...simply because
it's Windows 2000. That system can still print to email without a problem.
I compared their MAPI files in the system32 directory and all the ones
with problems are running mapi dll files with dates of 10/14/1996 whereas
my mapi dll files on the Windows 2000 machine is dated in 2004.
Coincidence maybe?

I've tried copying the mapi dll files from the 2000 machine to the users'
machines and it still crashes the ERP client. I've done complete remove
and reinstalls with the different clients and still no go. I've even tried
removing the client and the ERP client and re-installing both in different
orders and still no go. :(

Any ideas where I should start troubleshooting? What I can do? Any
recommendations or suggestions?