We are a non-profit providing residential services to individuals with disabilities. We currently have 3 NW 6 Servers, our main server running GroupWise, and 2 smaller servers to handle GroupWise WebAccess and NetStorage. We need to replace the main server as it is rapidly running out of disk space (and is 5 years old.)

Wondering if this would be a good time to upgrade to NOWS SBE2 - I don't have any experience with Linux and am somewhat daunted by the prospect of having to learn a new OS at the same time as upgrading and learning the new Novell features.

Also, our Board of Directors is very concerned that I am pushing for Novell over Microsoft - mainly they fear that Novell will simply disappear.

Does anyone have any encouraging words for me?

Another concern that I have is that Novell support seems to have really declined in the past couple of years - is that an accurate perception? As an example, I have been trying for over a week to speak with a sales rep about purchasing NOWS SBE and have yet to get anyone to respond to my emails or voice mails.