Well, first off, I am new to Novell, but have been a sytems engineer for over 10 years. I currently work as the IT Manager for a telecommunications company in MN. We also provie contracted IT services in the SMB market.

I was called last Friday by the 70 year old owner of a transportation company. The family had a falling out that morning to the extent his son (who was the General Manager and resident IT technician) has locked everyone out of their Novell server by changing the passwords on all accounts just before walking out the door. Of course; the worst case scenario of an insider going bad. I was called in to see if I could restore service to the server and re-engineer their network. I was able to bypass the Novell Client login and at least give them access to their Windows accounts and lock out any type of remote access to their network.

My question is this, if the company wanted to pay for support directly from Novell, would Novell have any way to get in and reset the administrator account so we could get them back up and running? They are currently running Netware 6. Or, are they pretty much screwed in having to start over?