We have recently upgraded from 7.0.3 to 8.0.0. Because we are a large company, we still have quite a mixture of 7.x and 8.x clients. When we installed 8.0, we immediately had problems with the view files and ended up combining the 7.x and 8.x view files into a single ofviews folder in the PO.

We need to modify the default mail view for our 8.x clients without affecting the default views for the 7.x clients. There are six .INI files in the ofviews folder and I'm not sure which ones to modify.

GWVW02EN.INI 12/2006
GWVW70EN.INI 12/2006

GWVW02US.INI 04/2008
GWVW70US.INI 10/2008

I'm assuming, by the date stamps, that the first three are for 7.x while the last three are for 8.x. Which one of these files do I need to modify to make the change that we need?