There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the current eDir \ OES \ IDM versions and what is and isn't supported. (at least I'm confused) I had a SR open last week (or maybe the week before) and asked the question and the answer from the eDirectory team was that IDM 3.6 was not supported on any version of OES.

This fork of eDir to 8.8.4 has created an incredible mess. There also doesn't seem to be a clear TID explaining what the options are. There is a thread in the IDM engine forum now where Aaron (AB) has attempted to clarify what is and isn't supported and perhaps it's only the 64 bit versions?

Anyway, I've had to flip flop with a customer twice already about how to handle this and we are going to not use OES again for this use, but when you start getting questions like, "If I was an AD shop would I be having these issues" it really makes you feel awkward. A clearly defined message at a minimum needs to be posted so everyone is on the same page.