Since I updated my ZCM server from to 10.1 (now at 10.1.1) WOL
stops working.
According to what I read, I appears that it was a bug in 10.1 patch and that
it wasn't resolved in 10.1.1.
I read somwhere else that WOL issue was supposed to be resolved in 10.1.2
patch but I didn't update to that release due to some other issues that
patch seemed to create.
Now, I want to know if WOL issue will be resolved in 10.1.3 patch ?

WOL stop working for us accross multiple VLANs
Nothing changed in our switchs configurations.
ZCM 10.1.1
Windows 2003 server
Active Directory environment

Where should I look to try resolving that issue ?

PS: I don't want to use a proxy device...