Just come across a problem with C1 and GW8 HP1 snapins. I found that
although the path to the domain was stored as a legitimate UNC in the domain
object, when I exit C1 and then go back in, it tells me it can't open the
last domain I attached to. It presents the UNC as a mapped drive Z:\domain
rather than \\server\volume\domain. I know C1 saves settings in the
%userProfile%\.consoleone\snapinprefs.ser file, but I see the mapped drive
reference there. And I know that once you attach to a domain via an UNC, C1
makes a temporary mapping to the volume, which is removed when you exit C1.
But this worked with 7.x snapins, so it must have stored the UNC.

The other minor issue I saw during the upgrade was that the installer
complained that the pathnames must be 8 characters or less when I gave it
UNC paths to domains and POs. The paths were actually OK, just the server
names in the UNC (cluster resources) were longer. It ought to ignore the
first 2 parts of an UNC. The work around was to map drives to all the
volumes and reference via these instead. Annoying gripe really, rather than
anything else.

Just wondered if these are known issues?