When I try to connect to Windows Vista SP1 Enterprise with Zenworks Adaptive Agent installed (10.1.2). It just crahses following service:

Novell ZENworks REmote Management Service Helper.

Remote Connection works normally on Windows XP SP3.

We installed server on suse linux server and updated zenworks server right away. We had same problem with other computers we tried, so we installed fresh Windows XP proxy to use with server and fresh XP and tested all features we want to use and they all worked (imaging, remote control, inventor, deployment and discovery).

However we can deploy agents based on IP addresses and locan admin accounts and get them to register, but when we try to start remote connection it crashes the target machine.

I tried putting our server to trusted zones on browser I'm using.

I'm controlling from Windows Vista SP1 machine with internet explorer 7 and latest updates. Neither of the computers have any firewall on or installed or any other virus / protection software.

I tried googling and browsing forums for quite a bit, but seems like I can't get it to work.

I started to download 10.1.3 update for server and will deploy that tomorrow on our test environement and hope that helps.

If anyone had problems please share your info :)

Settings on remote connect:

Device: I use IP (dns name doesn't work)
Operation: Remote Control
Authentication: Rights

These settings work on XP computer.

What I tried so far:

Restarting both computers, updating remote connection manually on target machine from msi-file on server, disabling all graphical stuff from target machine (vista), enabling all graphical features on target machine, reinstalling whole agent few times, updated policy and incremented it and made sure new policy is on servers (remote connection), made sure this computer is part of that policy, tested on other vista target computers (all crash same way), new graphic drivers (nvidia quaddro FX1700 on target computer, probably missing out some things as well, cause I didn't wrote everything down I tried.

I worked with some zenworks problems we had for 12 hours now, so it's time to take a break. I'll apreciate all help and suggestions you can provide.

Remote management module version is and it's running.