some generic mail addresses like office@domain.xx, the incoming mails are
stored in an shared folder.
Answering an mail in an shared folder is a pain!

Opening the mail in the shared folder, klicking "Reply" - GW 8.0 (HP1)
creates an "Posted Message" - this is unusable. Also "Reply All" is unusable
- creates two messages, a "Posted Message" and the outgoing message.

Customizing the toolbar - Actions - there is an additional Reply Button.
This Reply button asks "Reply to selected subject" - creates the "Posted
Message" or "Reply privately (...)" - creates the outgoing message.
Now we have 3 different Reply buttons in the toolbar ......

1. Any Ideas how to remove the two limited "Reply" buttons from the
2. is it possible to configure the primary "Reply" button that if the
message resides in an shared folder, that the reply is always "Reply
privately (...)"?