hi everyone,
I've just become a victim of the 500 error on iPrint as well...

We've installed a SBE server into an existing tree and just configuring things as we would with a normal NOWS system (bypassing the web interface). We've got everything working nicely except for iPrint

if we try and do anything with iPrint we fail with a 500 error, no if and or but, it's just 500 error nothing else

When the server first went into the tree the DNS AG certificate had the wrong name, so we've regenerated the certificates o nthe server but now we are having supposed ldap issues related to iprint setup

i'm seeing the following messages in the error_log for apache:
[Mon Feb 23 15:49:54 2009] [warn] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] [18657] authnz_ldapdn authenticate: user cn=admin,o=sometree authentication failed; URI /idss [LDAPDN: ldap_simple_bind_s() failed][Can't contact LDAP server]

I can create a driver store and print manager using linux command line, but cannot create printers at all, tried an ndstrace and there were no nasty looking messages in that

is it something simple, elemental that we're missing here, or is the SBE just not up to scratch in general compared to regular NOWS?

I can provide additional logs if needed