I have a couple of issues and not even sure whether they are with Groupwise or Netware or Console1: Let's start with #1 below.

I am currently on Novell Netware 6.5 SP7, eDIR 8.8 SP2 & GW7.0.3. I deleted a user but I get a D103 Error message any time I/anyone sends a message to the Distribution Groups of which this user was a member. This user does not exist any where in my tree. Thanks for the anticipated help.

#2 - I re-created the user with the hope that if I just disable the account, the annoying D103 error will go away. Well, after logging in as the user, the account will not attach to GW - I get an account not found error, but it is visible in Groupwise Post Office. I am able to create other users without any problem only this 'User ID' has a problem attaching to the post office.

#3 - I have a user who cannot be located in the Post-Office, but the user can logon and access Groupwise without any errors & recieves messages OK. However, if I try to access the user's Properties via Console1, I get a warning from GW Administrator, that "the information for this obj does not exist. A possible Cause is that replication is still in progress" & then the properties will display.

Thanks again & feel free to address 1 issue at a time, but I think they are related