i have some trouble logingin to gw monitor.
When i login via http://my_domain:8200 i can just login with the credenials
that i specified with the switch --httpmonuser switch in the init script
(MA_OPTIONS="--home /groupwise/domains --httpmonuser user --httpmonpassword password") .
But when i try to login from the internet via https://my_domain/gwmon/gwmonitor with the same password i get this message , "Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly" and in the tomcat catalina.out this line "<GWMP>, -, ERROR, -, Login failed (mail.my_domain.org:8200): Unable to login to GroupWise Monitor Agent
" . I am on sles10 SP2 and all groupwise8 components run on the same system.
In gwmonitor.cfg i also put the Provider.GWMP.Agent.Http.level to full and also tried the --proxy switch.
What am i missing here?

Please help,