Setting up an initial GW8 installation. We originally loaded this on
a NW6.5 box but since OES-LX is where support is headed, we deleted
all the components from eDirectory and build an OES2-sp1 box and
installed GW8. Initially, C1 worked and when started would display
all the GW components. We then installed Patch2 for C1, at that point
C1 stopped running at all-- when opened, C1 would gray screen and
never open. Re-installed C1 and Patch2, at that point C1 would run
but of course no GW plugins so could not access GW. Re-ran the GW
installer and updated the administration components, C1 again stopped
opening at all. Clearly, we are missing something here but not sure
what, and being fairly new to Linux not exactly sure how to
troubleshoot this. Suggestions?