From browsig through the postings, I expected to see alot more issues of
crashes based on my very little experience with testing GW8. I have not
seen that here in these NEwsGroups. So, I was hoping you guys could tell me
what you are doing right so I can get a stable installation and proceed to
actually purchase the full GW8 product.

I have installed it with and without the HP update.
I have done an upgrade from 7.01 to 8 and a new install.
I have installed in XP SP2 & SP3 machines.

In all cases at least one fo teh following has crashed within 5 minutes:
Setting the editor to use MS Word then creating new email.
Notify launches and crashes.

We want GW8 browser functionality. However, I am concerned about how to
install this so it is as stable as our GW7.01 installs.

Any thoughts?