Hi There!

I am migrating a client from Groupwise 8 on Netware to
Groupwise on Windows.

Basically the MTA/POA have been moved to the Windows Server
( and GWIA will remain on the Netware Server for use with GWAVA. The problem I have is that
despite the fact I have everything configured client server,
when emails are sent from the client to the internet, the
message files are put into the windows gw directory
structure and never reach the gwia on Netware, and messages
incoming are stored in the Netware GWIA Structure and never
arrive at the client. The Link Config shows 1677,
7101, everywhere I see I can configure the ip settings they
look fine, but I can't find where to specify the UNC path to
the gwia as the netware server. So I thought I'd be clever
and delete the gwia object (since the mta web config was
pointing the gwia as on the windows server) and then ran the
install only (Why isn't there a setup.exe for GWIA like
there used to be) but at the end it said object already
exists and didn't create a gwia object.
If I manually create one, it insists that the only gwia
dir's I can pick are the ones on the Windows Server.

Do I need to have an MTA on the Windows Server and a MTA on
the Netware Server to handle this type of configuration?

This seems so simple in my head, but I can't seem to get the
MTA on Windows to talk to the GWIA on Netware!