OK. I've just got to rant here a minute. Our users use the archive feature because we've now got a retention policy on our email for their live mailboxes.

I've got a 'power' user with 40,000 messages in her archive and it's nearly 4GB in size. Her indexes became corrupt and she was unable to use the find feature. So I forced a rebuild of her archive indexes using the ctrl-shift-openarchive trick. Afterwards she was still unable to search.

So I opened an SR with support and they told me that the auto-index of the archive only does 1000 messages at a time and that there is NO WAY to force a re-index of the complete archive that is equivalent to the /qflevel-999 switch on the POA.

So now I've got to sit here and open / close her GW client at least 39 times to get her indexes caught up.

This is absolutely unacceptable. I know that the archive feature has been around since at least version 5.2 (when we started using GW) and I find in incredible that this "bug" has never been taken care of.

You know, it's really hard to convince management (who is alway crying that we need to switch to Outlook) of the superiority of Groupwise when stupid stuff like this is left out there to give the end-users bad experiences.