When we attempt to Reintialize with INETCFG the 2nd NIC running the b57 driver on the Dell PowerEdge 2650 server, the LDAP no longer works. I can PING the first ethernet card still. I cannot PING the second NIC. The first NIC is configured on one IP subnet 165.91.X.X, while the 2nd port is configured for another subnet with the proper subnet mask 128.194.x.x, we have attempted including the GATEWAY IP in the TCP/IP Static Route configuration, but I still cannot PING it. The 2nd NIC was working prior to it being DISABLED and deleted from the configuration (we needed to add it back on a different higher IP on the same subnet that it was on previously for backup purposes). The first NIC is slot 10014 the second on slot 10015. The B57 driver is version 10.41, February 1, 2007; it was working prior to DISABLING the 2nd NIC. No reason to believe it wouldn't still work.