I was using a XPsp3 client with ZCM 10.1.3 when I suddenly couldn't launch any apps from the NAL. I would get a window stating that the computer was shutting down (but it wasn't) and then I would get this error window (see attached pic). So I rebooted the computer.
I could not login at all. Any users I tried would fail and the computer would state: Windows Could not find a Domain Controller. Then the local workstation login box would appear. That would not allow any logins either. I knew some accounts that were on that computer were there, but no go.
We are a eDir on Netware network. No Domain Controllers here.

I was using the FTF bug fix for all bundles not showing in the NAL. Shaun just had me test it today.
The novell client is 4.91 sp5
I had to image the computer to use it again, so most of the log file is gone. I do have some errors in ZCM for that device, but the errors stop the minute I got that error.
I posted in policy group because the main problem sound like DLU to me. I could be wrong.