This has been raised on the forum before (GW7 client) and I didn't get very

Basically, our Engineering department uses GroupWise shared folders (shared
from a central mailbox, managed by GWTreeCast) to file emails against a
project number. The shared folder list is HUGE. There's a folder, with a
subfolder structure, for EVERY PROJECT.

When a user goes into Caching, their mailbox plus the contents of the shared
folders get cached. As a result, the cached mailbox grows to anything from
20GB to 50GB+!

We are getting complaints from these users, saying there is often a
significant delay (as much as 2 hours!!!) in sending and/or recieving new

The problem seems to be, that once a send/recieve cycle has started, it will
want to finish before it processes any new mails (sent or recieved). So if
the user sends an email 2 minutes after first launching GroupWise, that
email will not actually send until the full send/recieve process finishes,
and this can take upto 2 hours depending on how many changes have taken
place in these shared folders, and how long long it has been since the last
full send/recieve session.

Any ideas on this? The user exits and restarts GroupWise at the moment to
force it to process new mails, but that doesn't really help as the
send/recieve cycle will still need to finish at some time.

Any tips or suggestions? It would be ideal if all mail to/from the
particular user was processed in its own thread, and anything from the
shared folders was processed in its own thread, but it seems that's not the

Thanks in advance