i administer a small 50 user - 4 server network, 1 WS2003BES and 3 NW6.5 servers. The NW's are SBS 6.6 based, one hosting GW6.5.7, one hosting ZenWorks and the last hosting NSS file/print/dns/dhcp. All work flawlessly.

We are preparing to upgrade to GW8 this summer and i had anticipated upgrading the OS on all 3 to NOWS-SBS, but I am not getting warm fuzzies from any quarter regarding moving to NOWS-SBE although that was my initial direction from a financial point of view.

The old NW SBS solutions were a box of bundled cd's that i could pretty much pick and choose what and where to install, and based on my readings, it seems the new SBE is far more integrated? Linux or win server are my alternatives at this point, saying goodbye to nlm's as much as i hate too.

Is it cheaper to get GW8 standalone and drop it on a win2003/2008 server and upgrade the other nw servers via oes or sles?