Running GW8HP1 on NW65SP8, tried both GW8HP1 and GW703HP1 clients.

When sending a message and it gets delayed and enters the retry cycle, in
the past you could look in the GW client in your sent message properties and
see TRANSFER DELAYED for each send attempt, and a final TRANSFERRED or
TRANSFER FAILED at the end of whatever your GWIA is set for.

Now it looks like only the last TRANSFER DELAYED is being shown in the
properties of the sent message - the TRANSFER FAILED or TRANSFERRED is still

Bug? Is it a known bug?

I don't think this should be the intended behaviour, it makes it look to the
user as if the GWIA didn't even try to send out their message for
potentially hours, when in fact it probably started trying right away.

Comments appreciated.


BTW while looking at this also found out that on a new GWIA install that the
maximum hours to retry a message was changed from 96 hours (which is still
what it shows on the HELP screen in C1) to 4 hours... at least it's
programmable now