I am currently configuring the network so that Netware does not use IPX, and
only IP. I am de-installing (putting on the latest Windows client SP5), and
selecting IP only along with remove IPX if installed, and also deleting the
associations to IPX which are bound to the relevant adapter in each server,
thus leaving the one bound to TCP/IP.

I have noticed one or two anomolies though, particularly when running MS
databases locally on PCs for example that link to tables in databases
residing on a Netware volume. These databases have stopped working and when
trying to repair the links to the external tables I have noticed that I
can't browse anymore to the sys volume on a server via the full UNC path
(receive access denied error), and need to browse to a mapped drive to the
area instead.

Mapping which now doesn't work - \\server\sys\database\databasename.mdb
Now works when changed to - i:\database\databasename.mdb

This highlights the fact that I am sure I am going to get quite a few
niggling issues once I go live, so if anyone can think of an obvious thing
to check then please let me know.

Suffice to say, each of the three servers have a valid IP address and the
server is listeed in Windows DNS etc, so can be pinged.

This happens to me despite me being a Netware admin and Windows domain

Netware 6.5 SP 7

Everything has been working fine over the last few years, so these changes
are to try and eliminate some performance issue that have been going on for
a while now.