According to the documentation is not recommended to run the client on workstations that you are going to use to access Domain Services. Does this only apply if you are going to actually use files on the server hosting Domain services or if you are authenticating to the domain in any way. If the prior is, as I hope, the case then we should be able to have workstation join the domain and still use the Netware client as long as we are only accessing NSS files located on other OES Netware servers without Domain services for windows installed, correct?

Currently we have a 5 node OES Netware cluster that serves up the majority of our NSS storage. We do not currently use CIFs. We also have some individuals that map additional drives to some application servers. Our hope was to ease the demand for an actual AD server to satisfy the many request for applications that call for AD. authentication. We also heavily use Zenworks 6.5 to manage users and workstations to complicate the mix even more.

Moving everyone to a Windows only client would be a vary arduous effort, If the clients worked together the change could be almost seamless. Any plans to make the clients compatible?