Good Morning,

I have finally managed to get a SLES 10.2 w/OS2 sp1 server setup correctly on our network to be our new GroupWise server.

For testing, I setup a new Groupwise system with a new System Name, Domain Name, and PO Name. At this point, the only thing I can't test with out changing NAT on our firewall and internal DNS settings is receiving email.

Essentially, I now have two email systems.

So ... the question are; using the Cool Solutions "Migrating GroupWise to OES 2 Linux":

If I pickup the process at "Before copying databases to OES 2", although I would LIKE to just rename the POA, MTA, GWIA, and Webaccess objects in case of migration failure I could still go back to the original server, will the migration still work ?

And if I run through setup again as per the instructions, using the same values I used in the test GroupWise setup, will this approach work ?

The other question I have is should I try the GroupWise Migration tool ? I just found out about it the other day, so I'm not sure if it will work in this situation.

Any other suggestions on how to proceed are welcome.