I see that support for netware 6.5 ends in March of 2010. We are currently running NW6.5 SP7 which I believe corresponds to Open Enterprise Server (initial release). The product lifecycle for OES says that support ends for it in July of '09. So then is my Netware still supported after July '09?
Also, it appears that if we run Netware virtualized using OES2 then it would be supported til July of 2011 (which is the listed end of life date for OES2)? And I'm further assuming support of virtualized Netware will ONLY continue if it's running virtualized on OES2, not virtualized on Vmware for example?

My apologies for all the questions, but it seems very confusing.
p.s. Why is there nothing listed as a product replacement for OES2 after 2011?