I have installed edirectory several times sucessfuly over the past few months. I am now installing it on an AMD Operon HP Prolient server.

When I do the install the NICI rpm fails. I have checked the media and made numberous downloads of the NOWS SBE2 media. When you then try to create edirectory it fails.

I contacted Novell's support and 8 days later they agree it's a known problem and sent me a newer version of NICI.

The version they sent me was NICI-

After the initial install (and NICI failing) I removed the suspect NICI in yast and installed the new version of NICI. Edirectory then completes it's install.

However, now when you try to create a new edirectory user it give an NDS Error -255 and fails to create the user.

The user is listed in edirectory but its not usable.

Has anyone experienced this or got any ideas? I purchased maintanance in order to get the support and Novell didn't seem to give me all the licence keys I needed! I am missing the OES licence key.

Any help appriciated. Thanks guys