New GW8 system installed from the hp1 iso downloads and structured as

Server1: OES2sp1-Linux. GW components (basic system) are installed
on a separate EXT3 partition on it's own array/logical drive that is
set up as an NCP share so I can easily map a Windows workstation to it
for admin purposes. There may be some HD people who need access for
basic user administration, but they will not be maintaining gateways,
mta, etc.

Server 2: SLES10_sp2, no edir. This box holds a secondary domain
with GWIA and WEBACC installed. /opt is shared via NFS and mounted on
Server1 but mainly for installation purposes, domain links are tcp.

Running C1 at console of server1, I can connect to both domains with
no problem. When I connect to the secondary domain and try to access
properties on the GWIA I get an error message that "gwia.cfg" cannot
be found. According to TID10095504 the reason for this error is that
the path listed in exepath.cfg is incorrect. If I open Konquerer on
server 1 and browse to gwia.cfg the path used is:


From server 1, exepath.cfg is located at:


and exepath.cfg contains the following:


which certainly is incorrect as viewed from server1. Do I need to
manually edit exepath.cfg to clear the error messages I'm receiving,
or will I be messing up something else if I manually edit this file? I
realize this is in the "dumb question" category, but am new to GW and
still feeling my way around in Linux. I do not want to have to
console into server2 to manage the gwia and webacc agents if I can
avoid it...
Is there a way to make this work?