So, I think Jay is going to get me straightened out on the Prosoft Client
for the Mac, and if it works the way I think it will, I will need to totally
redo my iTunes library <gasp>. I have already rated about 5000 songs, so
I don't really want to start over . . . .

Is there a way to change the "path" of all of the files? For example, right
now they are all in music: (using SAMBA) - but if I change over to the
Prosoft client it will "mount" the NCP drives as glasgow_MUSIC: - that
means that all of the paths are wrong in my iTunes library.

I remember trying to do this on Windows before, wanting to move the library
from c: to f:, and it never really worked. I edited the XML file for the
library to change all of the paths, but it didn't work.

Has anyone tried this and succeeded?


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