I have an NDS account called admin that is often locked out by my techs with too many attempts from a workstation. Sounds easy to fix but it only shows on one server (call it F1).

Clues given:
-NW6.5SP5 servers, some at SP7
-8 servers in the tree
-server (call it A1) has master replica & others all have secondary replica
-offending user account called admin
-offending server F1 is the only one which beeps & shows intruder lock out
-F1 was the original migrated server when I migrated over time from NW3.11 to NW5 to NW6.5
-many workstations have a back door user called admin with different
password than the NDS account
-intruder lock out occurs when admin account on workstation is accessed
either with "Workstation Only" checked or without
-looking at the NDS admin account Intruder Lock out I can see the offeding
IP address is the workstion the tech is logging into

This has been going on for some time. Other servers are not beeping during the event, only F1. I know the fix is there somewhere and is easy, just cannot put my finger on it. Thanks for the help.