I am using the GW Admin Object API to create/modify/delete users with much
success. However, if I attempt to commit new properties for a user that
has been touched/modified using ConsoleOne, the commit consistently fails
with an "Admin Commit Failed" message.

The docs suggest that either the user has insufficient NDS rights, or the
disk is full. Since the code works before the user is touched by
ConsoleOne, I don't think either of these is the issue.

This also does not appear to be the timeout issue that has been mentioned
in this forum since the commit fails even hours after the ConsoleOne

Also, other object modifications that don't require a commit, such as move
and setpassword, work just fine.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

-- RobM

Code Snippet (this looks simple and straightforward to me, but I've
included it in case I am doing something stupid... it works consistently
until the user object is touched with ConsoleOne... which results in it
failing consistently)

Console.WriteLine("Domain DN: " + args(1))
Console.WriteLine("Tree: " + args(2))
Console.WriteLine("User DN: " + args(3))
Console.WriteLine("PhoneNumber: " + phonenumber)

oSystem = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin")
oSystem.connectByDN(args(1), args(2))
oUsers = oSystem.Users
oUser = oUsers.ItemByDN(args(3), args(2))
oUser.PhoneNumber = phonenumber
Catch e As Exception
Console.WriteLine("Error Setting PhoneNumber: " + e.Message)
Console.WriteLine("Trace: " + e.StackTrace)
End Try