I am having problems with getting a workable GW Admin API on my machine.
At first I couldn't regsiter GWCMB1.DLL. I then saw it was missing
dependencies to calwin32.dll and clxwin32.dll. I copied these into the
grouwpise folder where GWCMB1.dll lived and then could register the same.
This however does not solve my problem. When I run the gwadmin vb from
samples I get an "80010108" automation error when it attempt to cnnect to
the domain DB. I also get a clsid not found from my vb.net app when I
reference an admin class. The clsid is truly missing but I don't know
what is should be. I have tried renstalling Groupwise but i did not help.

I am not running the Netware client for windows (nor can I in this case).
Could this be the problem?