I have the following configuration
NetWare60sp5 platform, GroupWise 6.5 FCS, and the workstation w/ client
I have jvm 1.4.2_04 which come with NW60SP5.
I initially had ConsoleOne 1.3.5, upgraded it to 1.3.6

Now when I started the GW 6.5 FCS install from the workstation.
The first part of the wizard is through the GW install window and asks for
paths to C1 etc. no problems.
Then the wizard launches C1 on the server to finish the install and
eventually asks you for the path for your software distribution directory.
Here when you click on the browse button, a directory search box pops up.
Usually you can drill down, seeing any of your servers on your rack that
you are authenticated to, & select your path. But now, on the drop down
box to view all the servers I'm authenticated to, it only shows a list of
server icons but without their corresponding letters or names.

Has anyone faced this before or has any clue ?
Will it be a problem with the JVM or ConsoleOne ?