I posted this in the forums, but received no reply. I'm trying to do a mass
cn name change for one of my clients. I have everything working, except for
the groupwise associations. I'm trying to do this programmatically... the
groupwise IDM driver works, but is out of the question due to costs.

I've also tried it with and without the commit. It looks like the netid and
dn are what I need to change on the Groupwise system.. and this changes the

Thanks in advance for any help.


I'm trying my first foray into GroupWise programming and I'm attempting
to update a user's netID, which is essentially the dn of the user. The
user has been renamed, in my test instance, from afcsmb1 to afcsmb2.

I get a hold of the IADUser object and try the following...

if(strcmp((char *)&Name, "afcsmb1")==0)
printf("Found usern");
strcpy(DN, FROM_OLE_STRING(bstrName));
strcpy(DN, "afcsmb2.AFC.Foo.Bar");
//pIADUser->MoveWithinTree( ConvertToUnicode(DN));


Is there anything I'm missing? As you can see, I've tried both
put_NetID and MoveWithinTree. I'm renaming users the LDF and would
like to either rename them in Groupwise, which I don't think is easily
possible, or get them in a position to do a massive graft operation on
a container to relink the eDir account and Groupwise.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.